8th October 2018

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Initially developed and marketed as an antidepressant wellbutrin bupropion hydrochloride tablets and wellbutrin sr bupropion hydrochloride sustained release tablets , bupropion is also chemically unrelated to tricyclic, tetracyclic, selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor, or other known antidepressant agents.

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Information about Bupropion.

If you take Zyban to help you stop smokingyou may continue to smoke for about 1 week after you start the medicineSet a date to quit smoking during the second week of treatmentTalk to your doctor if you are having trouble quitting after you have used Zyban for at least 7 weeks.

Bupropion may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide.

Neuropsychiatric adverse events reported in patients without and with pre-existing psychiatric diseasesome patients experienced worsening of their psychiatric illnessesobserve patients for occurrence of neuropsychiatric adverse eventspatient should stop therapy and contact healthcare provider immediately if agitationdepressed moodor changes in behavior or thinking that are not typical for patient are observedor if patient develops suicidal ideation or suicidal behaviorsymptoms may persist after discontinuation of therapyin some casesmonitoring and supportive care should be provided until symptoms resolve.

XL and SR tablets are intended for oral use only Inhaling crushed tablets or injecting dissolved tablets has been reported to cause seizures and/or death.

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wellbutrin xl are not approved for smoking cessation treatment, but bupropion under the least 4 hours between successive doses, in order not to exceed the limit of 150 mg in a single dose.

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